Friday, 25 November 2011

CABI - R(D)SVS workshop in India

JMICAWE and R(D)SVS staff are delighted to be speaking at the CABI workshop, being held in New Delhi on Friday 25 November and Saturday 26 November.
The workshop will be the first step to developing proposals to strengthen the veterinary profession in India by improving information support for practicing veterinarians. It is hoped that CPD can be provided through on-line methods as well as face to face courses, to enable vets to base their practice on the best available evidence. Professor Neil Sargison will be giving a short presentation on 'developing the curriculum to meet future needs'.
Professor Natalie Waran from JMICAWE, is working with the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) along with the Government (I.V.C) and Universities in India to help develop the curriculum in veterinary schools to become not only more focused on problem solving but also to be very much aware of the benefits of encouraging good animal welfare practice. Professor Waran will be presenting tomorrow on 'Animal welfare in education and practice'.
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