Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Innovative Canine Health Project

Morris Animal Foundation Launches Innovative Canine Health Project
Veterinarians Invited to Participate in Largest and Longest Observational Study Ever Undertaken to Advance Veterinary Medicine
Morris Animal Foundation recently launched the Canine Lifetime Health Project, a groundbreaking effort to manage studies to identify new methods for the prevention and treatment of canine diseases. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the first study under the project’s umbrella, will be the largest and longest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs. Dog owners will partner with their veterinarians to supply the necessary health information and samples needed for study participation.
Morris Animal Foundation will begin recruiting up to 3,000 highly committed Golden Retriever owners this spring. Golden Retrievers under 2 years of age will be observed for 10 to 14 years to identify genetic, environmental and nutritional risk factors for the development of cancer and other diseases.
Before study recruitment begins, Morris Animal Foundation invites veterinarians to register for the Canine Lifetime Health Project. By doing so, they will receive updates when the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study launches, notification of future studies and scientific updates as they become available. Veterinarians can also opt to be listed as a participating veterinarian in the study database for Golden Retriever owners searching for a local participating veterinarian.
If you would like additional information about this study, please visit the Morris Animal Foundation booth (No. 2328) at the Western Veterinary Conference, or if you would like a one-on-one interview, please email Nancy Clark, study participants coordinator, at nclark@MorrisAnimalFoundation.org.

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