Thursday, 17 May 2012

Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) forum, London.

We were delighted that Fritha Langford, was invited by the BVA to represent the JMICAWE and the Animal Welfare Indicators project at this year's Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) forum, that was held on Monday 14 May in London.
The programme began with three engaging talks, coming under the heading of 'Using and abusing: animals for human benefit'. David Martin (BVA Ethics and Welfare Group) discussed livestock shows and a secret underworld of manipulation that breeders carry out on their livestock in a bid to come first in their class.
Fritha particularly enjoyed the session called 'The green, green grass of home, do cows belong in fields? Behavioural and clinical evidence'. Where John Fishwick (RVC) gave an explanation of practises used within large and small scale systems of cattle farming and talked of his experiences of 'mega dairies' in Saudi Arabia. Becky Whay (University of Bristol) then continued the discussion and looked at the behavioural needs of cows and cited some interesting research carried out.
The veterinary ethics role-play and discussion that closed the event was a thought provoking and useful way of presenting ethical dilemmas to a large audience and extremely good fun.
All attendees felt that the 2012 AWF forum was a huge success, provoking many ethical discussions and certainly gave attendees food for thought.

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