Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Student's Vet Ethics Forum

On behalf of Liv Nathan, the staff and students here at Easter Bush Campus, we would like to thank Dr Dorothy McKeegan for coming to give us an excellent talk last night.


Dr McKeegan spoke about how each day in animal science and veterinary medicine presents a new set of ethical quandaries: whether it's devising an experiment in line with Britain's welfare standards, or whether making the decision to treat (or not) that poor dog that's on its last legs.

She explained that students might not be familiar with the intricacies of the ethics involved in their current situation: and hoped that this talk would assist us. In fact we learnt where our personal views lie compared to common ethical profiles and what defines our attitudes towards animals within and without science. 
This was a fantastic lecture, and we definitely left with much to think about and to discuss.

Please do come along to support the next lecture for the Veterinary Ethics Forum on Tuesday 23 October.

We also hope to have the next one recorded so we can post it on the Jeanne Marching Centre's website for all our global supporters to watch online- check

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