Monday, 26 November 2012

After Dolly - the ethical dilemma of animal biotechnology

After Dolly - the ethical dilemma of animal biotechnology is an EU-funded public engagement project where students are invited to discuss how far researchers should go in their manipulation of domestic animals in order to produce food and medicine.

At The Roslin Institute Bruce Whitelaw performs research in the development and application of transgenic animals to enhance our understanding of cellular and tissue differentiation in vivo.

Peter Sand√łe is Professor in bioethics at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen working with bioethics to focus in particular on ethical issues related to agriculture, animals and biotechnology. The team at Animal Welfare Team, here at the Universtiy of Edinburgh, were delighted that Peter had time to speak with our MSc AABAW students the next day.

This workshop held at The Roslin Institute on the 15th of November can be watched by following the JMICAWE weblink -

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