Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Vietnam aims to strengthen animal welfare in veterinary education, research and practice.

Last week, JMICAWE vet Heather Bacon travelled to Hanoi, Vietnam to participate in an animal welfare training event. Hosted by the Hanoi University of Agriculture and sponsored by WSPA and Animals Asia, the two-day meeting showcased the extensive efforts being generated across Vietnam to strengthen animal welfare in veterinary education, research and practice.

Topics were varied, including a range of subjects from farm animal welfare assessment, wildlife trade issues and animal welfare in aquaculture. Heather presented on captive wildlife welfare issues, a significant problem in Vietnam, where a thriving illegal wildlife trade exists alongside a range of small zoos, circuses and government-run wildlife centres, which all present a vast range of challenges to good animal welfare.

The workshop also included several field trips comprising visits to local veterinary clinics, a pig farm, and dog slaughter market. Dog meat is widely consumed in Vietnam and dogs are traded from Thailand to supply the consumption market. There are at present no humane farming or slaughter methods of dogs for human consumption.

The programme ended with a commitment from the Hanoi University of Agriculture to continue to support and develop research in animal welfare, to improve the lives of production animals across Vietnam. The JMICAWE looks forward to continuing collaboration to support these developments.


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  2. Use of dogmeat in Vietnam cause for concern.