Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our inspirational trip to Animals Asia' s Centre in Chengdu

A blog by 2 of our MSc AABAW graduates - thanks to Jessa & Faye

Our two months in China was an extremely unique experience that we are so glad to have had the opportunity of. Not only were we able to do our own original behavioural research, we also spent time in the wonderful company of the staff and the bears at the Animals Asia Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu- amazing people and animals.
We learnt of the bear`s horrible pasts in the bear bile farm industry and saw with our own eyes not only the scars from their suffering, but also the remarkable improvement and recovery they achieved, both physically and mentally, at the sanctuary – a sight that can`t but make you smile through the tears, to see these tortured bears so well recovered and happy – playing with each other, splashing in the water and sleeping peacefully, never again to suffer as they did in the past. We experienced first-hand the daily routine of vets and bear house managers in providing the animals with not only health care, food and water, but also an ever changing, always stimulating schedule of environmental enrichment.
The bears are stimulated to actively forage and engage with their environment and fellow bears, rehabilitating body and mind from the confinement and boredom they experienced for years, sometimes decades. For us, it was inspirational and rewarding work, knowing these tortured bears have nothing else to fear for the rest of their days. We can now only do our best in supporting Animals Asia in their quest to free more of the 10,000 moon bears currently in bile farms in China, by raising awareness about the bile farming practice and inspiring donations to the foundation. We mourn every rescued bear that dies at the centre and ask them to “please look upon the others, give them promise of hope soon, and tell them to be patient and proudly wear the moon”.

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