Friday, 7 June 2013

2 members of Edinburgh University's JMICAWE Animal Welfare team help with Thai dog rescue.

This week JMICAWE's Heather Bacon and Hayley Walters have taken some annual leave - and have headed to Thailand for their holidays. However, they have no intention of enjoying the beautiful beaches, as they have decided to volunteer along with other veterinary trained staff from the UK, Asia and USA to assist at the Soi dog foundation in Thailand.

Based at the Animal Quarantine Center in Nakhon Phanom, north-east Thailand, just a few kilometres away from the mountains forming the border with Laos, JMICAWE veterinary outreach manager, Heather and animal welfare vet nurse Hayley have joined a team of dedicated volunteers who answered an SOS put out by the Soi Dogs Foundation last month.

All the volunteers from the Worldwide Veterinary Service, Animals Asia Foundation and the Humane Society International, are helping to deal with the thousands of dogs rescued from trucks and farms destined for the meat trade.

Read more about this hands-on welfare work and watch the CNN video including an interview with Hayley Walters -

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