Tuesday, 20 August 2013

International collaboration strengthens animal care in zoos

Recently one of our NGO partners, Animals Asia, invited six visiting delegates from zoos across China to visit the UK to facilitate knowledge transfer, and develop collaborations. Regulation of zoos in China is limited, however thanks to the work done over recent years by Animals Asia to improve the industry, changes are being seen.  During this visit, the delegates visited Chester and Bristol zoos to develop skills in animal husbandry, animal welfare, conservation education and field conservation.


Heather Bacon of the JMICAWE, greeted the visiting delegates at Chester zoo and along with Dr Sonya Hill of Chester zoo, acted as a facilitator, emphasising the importance good animal husbandry plays in promoting animal welfare, and how this in turn benefits conservation through breeding, and education through improving the visitor experience.


Whilst we recognise that the role of the zoo will always be controversial, it is important that the politics of the industry do not hinder the development of improvements in animal health and welfare. Through engaging with industry and developing educational initiatives, we hope to support improvements to animals in all industries.

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