Friday, 24 January 2014

Animal welfare given a regional focus in Singapore

Animal welfare given a regional focus in Singapore

Last week Heather Bacon of the JMICAWE travelled to Singapore to attend the Asia for Animals Conference. Asia for Animals is a regional coalition of NGOs working on diverse animal welfare issues across the region

The conference brings together animal welfare experts, campaigners and grassroots groups to share information and expertise on techniques to improve welfare ranging from effective utilisation of social media to resolving conflict at the human-wildlife interface. Heather delivered a lecture during the main session on ‘Animal welfare – moving beyond the Five Freedoms’ and ran a workshop session on optimising veterinary care’, focusing on issues relating to pain recognition and management. In addition workshops on the ‘dog meat trade’ and ‘dog population management’ provided opportunities to discuss some of the work done by the JMICAWE in these areas.

Building capacity and skills using clinical training materials and evidence based on research is a crucial part of the work done by JMICAWE and we look forward to the next meeting in 2015!

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