Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frontline animal welfare for the veterinary nurse

Last week, our welfare veterinary nurse, Hayley Walters, visited Edinburgh College to deliver a lecture in Animal Welfare and Ethics to 2nd year trainee veterinary nurses.

The lecture began with out-lining what animal welfare is NOT as there are so many misconceptions out there. It then went on to explain what animal welfare is and how we can measure it looking at the animal’s physical, physiological and behavioural state. Then, by using real life cases, Hayley went on to explain the difference between welfare and ethics and how it’s important to separate the two when you are making decisions about long term quality of life for an animal.

The student veterinary nurses were then divided into groups and each given their own real life case study with treatment options and had to discuss then present their welfare and ethical concerns for each treatment option.

“By allowing students to think for themselves about decision making and encouraging them to discuss the impact their decisions have on an animal’s welfare, we will hopefully encourage them to make good choices in the future. Choices not just based on how they ethically feel about the treatment option, but also on what the animal’s experience will be”.
Group Work with 2nd year veterinary nurses at Edinburgh College
Lecturing to 2nd year veterinary nurses  at Edinburgh College

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