Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Jeanne Marchig Trustees visit JMICAWE

Earlier this month, the animal welfare team were delighted to host the Jeanne Marchig Trustees on a visit to the R(D)SVS.  The day was a huge success and we were able to demonstrate to the Trustees the advancement of animal welfare within the teaching programmes here, as well as presenting details about our projects and collaborations overseas.

The trustees were taken on a tour of the school and shown how innovative models and manikins are used today to teach a huge range of clinical skills, such as rectal examinations, suturing and blood sampling, thus replacing the need to use live animals in the early teaching stages. Before lunch, there was time for a quick look around the small animal teaching hospital where the advances in veterinary medicine (Anaesthesia, Endoscopy, CT and Radiotherapy) could be witnessed.

Not only were we able to show them our wide range of resources and excellent facilities,  we were able to demonstrate the development of our teaching programmes, including the forthcoming MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), and the access to education this was going to provide. 

The Trustees were extremely impressed with the work of the centre and the vet school, and were delighted to see the positive outcomes of their involvement and the progress being made.

“The Trustees of the Marchig Trust during their visit were delighted to learn of the work and progress being made by the team of the JMICAWE at home and abroad.  In addition, the Trustees were impressed by the teaching facilities available for the students at the Royal (Dick) Vet, particularly the animal alternative models within the small and large animal clinical skills development areas which replaces the need for animals and gives students confidence as they develop their skills prior to contact with animals.  Through its grant giving, the Marchig Trust always seeks to make a real difference in support of the animal kingdom.  The Trust's considerable grant to Edinburgh University to establish the JMICAWE is doing just that" 
               Les Ward, Chairman of the Marchig Trustees






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