Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Animal Welfare Team in Botswana for essential TNR Research

Next month will see Heather Bacon (Welfare Education and Outreach Manager) and Hayley Walters (Welfare and Anaesthesia Veterinary Nurse) head out to Botswana to carry out important research into TNR (Trap-Neutor-Release) Programmes.   Working with Dogs Trust, they are developing a framework for assessing individual dog welfare in a standard TNR programme and will be visiting some existing programmes in order to assess whether the framework is useful and practical.
Their visit will primarily involve visiting and recording aspects of dog catching, surgery and release using portable video cameras, which can then be reviewed at a later date.  It will also help establish partnerships and links with existing welfare organisation operating in Botswana.
 We’ll be reporting in full upon their return, so watch this space!

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