Monday, 15 September 2014

Equine Model Reproductive Tract Arrives

JMICAWE is delighted that a further resource has now arrived for the R(D)SVS  equine simulator.  The reproductive tract will allow students to palpate a normal reproductive tract and ovaries at different stages of the reproductive cycle gaining valuable clinical skills.


The tract includes a palpable soft uterus with cervix, urethra and broad ligaments.  There are also 3 sets of easily interchangeable ovaries.

Already an outstanding success since it arrived over a year ago, the simulator allows students to practice important clinical skills. The equine simulator, developed by Veterinary Simulator Industries in collaboration with the University of Calgary, Canada, is a life-like equine model, complete with internal organs and allows for a variety of simulated scenarios including a variety of colic presentations and an abdominocentesis simulation.

Please also see this link to an earlier news story relating to the horse model:

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