Wednesday 2 September 2015

Jeanne Marchig Animal Behaviour and Welfare MOOC - Always Online


We have some exciting news about our Animal Behaviour and Welfare MOOC on Coursera.

Coursera have started to offer On-Demand courses, where the material is always available and students can sign up at any time. The University of Edinburgh’s EdiVet course is already offered in the On-Demand format, so if you haven’t explored that course yet, you no longer have to wait for a session to be run.
The Jeanne Marchig team has been working hard behind the scenes to convert Animal Behaviour and Welfare to the On-Demand version, and we will launch the course on the 12th October, 2015!

What does this mean for you?

The Animal Behaviour and Welfare materials will always be available to students of the On-Demand course.
Students will be able to sign up at any time and complete the course in their own time.
Statements of Achievement (free) and Course Certificates (paid) will still be available for students who complete the course.
We’re really excited about this development and the innovations Coursera are bringing to the MOOC format.
You can’t sign up to the course until it goes live, so remember to follow us @JMICAWE, follow our blog, and put a note in your diary to come to the course on the 12th October!
You can still use the #EdAniWelf  hashtag to tell us what you think about the new On-Demand system.
And just for our blog readers we have a behind the scenes preview of what the On-Demand course will look like:

The Animal Behaviour and Welfare Front Page
The New Course Introduction
New Video Format


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