Monday, 30 November 2015

A new app to boost equine welfare

AWINHorse app

AWIN researchers are very excited to launch the new AWINHorse app, available to download now on Google Play Store at .

Be sure to download it and share it and inspire your colleagues and friends and let AWIN know what you think by sending your feedback to

The AWINHorse app is the first tool developed to assess welfare of horses on-farm. It enables farmers, veterinarians and technicians to collect, store and download the indicators included in the "AWIN welfare assessment protocol for horses" (first level welfare assessment): 10.13130/AWIN_horses_2015 .

Check out this video to see an overview of the AWIN welfare assessment protocols for horses and donkeys:

The AWINHorse app was developed within the frame of the AWIN FP7 EU project ( by researchers of Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy) and implemented by Daia Intelligent Solutions (

Looking for knowledge about the AWIN welfare assessment protocols for equines or the AWINHorse app? We can help you! Please contact us at
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