Monday, 29 February 2016

Animal Welfare advances in Indonesia

Animal Welfare in Indonesia

International Animal Rescue, a charity organisation which has been long-term partner of the University of Edinburgh, is making headway into saving orangutans from deforestation and the illegal pet trade. Young orangutans are often kept as pets in Indonesia, despite laws which make this practice illegal, and as they grow older, can be difficult to manage. A recent rescue saw an adult orangutan voluntarily handed over to the IAR rescue team by her owner when he became aware of the legislation prohibiting her confinement as a pet.

IAR have partnered with the University of Edinburgh by providing student projects for postgraduates studying the MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Previous research has investigated the impacts of illegal trade on a number of species including macaques and slow lorises.

Such collaborations provide University of Edinburgh students with unique insights into ‘real-world’ welfare problems as well as supporting the development of evidence-based practices in NGOs

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