Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Please participate in an equine hoof care and health survey

Today's blog is on behalf of one of our MSc student.  In her words:-

“No hoof, No horse” as the old saying goes. Foot-related lameness can affect horses for a multitude of reasons but a healthy, sound hoof is essential for good horse welfare. My dissertation project (MSc) at the University of Edinburgh aims to understand the current attitudes and knowledge of equine hoof care. This survey is particularly aimed at horse owners and equine professionals (such as veterinarians and farriers). So if you work with horses or have an interest in horse care and health, then please complete the following short survey and feel free to share it among friends and colleagues. Thank you for your participation!

This is the link to the survey which is now open online and ready for responses:

Thank you for assisting HC with her dissertation.

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