Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day - 8th March 2017

International Women’s Day, 8th March 2017

The theme of this year’s International Women’s day is ‘Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030’. 

At JMICAWE we would like to believe that this will also mean a planet where all lives are respected and a culture of care for one another exists. With this is mind we would like to celebrate the great women who have worked to improve animal welfare globally:

The explorers, advocates and pioneers for animal welfare change and appreciation of the complexity of animal lives: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Anna Sewell, Mary Midgley, Joy Adamson, Ruth Harrison, Rachel Carson…

The founders of charities, boards and NGOs for animal welfare and protection, and advocates: Maria Dickin (founder PDSA); Dorothy Brooke (founder The Brooke); Mary Tealby (founder Battersea dogs home); Marcia Glaser (co-founder Humane Society); Helen Jones (co-founder Humane Society); Rukmuni Devi Arundale (founder Animal Welfare Board of India); Jill Robinson (founder of Animals Asia); Virginia McKenna (Founder of Born Free); Mary Hutton (Founder of Free the Bears); Pei-Feng Su (Co-founder of ActAsia); Sam Green (Co-Founder of Dogstar); Madame Jeanne Marchig (founder of the Marchig Trust); Joyce D’Silva, Cindy Milburn

The animal welfare researchers: Marian Dawkins, Temple Grandin, Marie-France Bouissou, Christine Nicol, Joy Mench, Ruth Newberry, Anne-Marie de Passille, Carol Petherick, Linda Keeling, Birte Nielsen, Georgia Mason, Isabelle Veissier, Liz Paul, Dot McKeegan, Vicky Sandilands, Janice Swanson, Janice Siegford,… and all the very many female members of ISAE, 

Female animal welfare science and veterinary scientists and students around the world.

The unsung heroes of animal welfare: the female veterinary nurses, animal care technicians, volunteers in animal shelters, goushalas, sanctuaries and all those working to improve animal lives on the ground where ever they are in the world.

And of course our very own JMICAWE extended ‘family’ – Heather, Hayley, Fritha, Susan, Tamsin, Amy, Lucy, Cathy, Nat, Louise, Jill, Bryony, Francoise, Marie, Emma, Mel, Sarah, Laura, Irene ….

We thank you all.

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