Friday, 2 March 2012

1st FAO Global Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Animal Welfare

As we know animal welfare is an increasingly global issue. This has been recognised by many organisations, academics and institutions in many countries and for the first time the Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has brought together experts in animal welfare from around the world for the 1st FAO Global Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Animal Welfare. Speakers from the UK, Europe, Africa and North and South America all contributed presentations on a range of issues from grassroots working equine welfare, to farm assurance schemes and changes in legislation.

Delegates from as far afield as Hong Kong, Suriname and South Africa attended the meeting to share experiences and idea particularly with regard to assessment methodologies of animal welfare across different species, and development and application of policies on best practice. Dr Adroaldo Zanella from the Scottish Agricultural College, one of our partners in Education and Research, presented on the EU Animal Welfare Indicators (AWIN) project which unites experts from across Europe to determine practical indicators of pain and poor welfare across a range of species.

As a multi-stakeholder forum, attendees comprised NGOs, producers, academics and activists, and it was heartening to see the common desire across all sectors to work together to improving animal welfare around the globe.[uid]=116454

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