Thursday, 29 March 2012

International Society for Equitation Science - ISES 2012 in Edinburgh

International Society for Equitation Science to meet in Edinburgh in July this year.

Staff at the JMICAWE are delighted that over 100 abstracts have been
submitted for consideration as spoken papers at the upcoming
International Society for Equitation Science conference to be held at
the vet school in July this year.
Equitation Science is a relatively new area of study, and we are extremely pleased to be able to welcome ISES to the RDSVS. ISES UK 2012 promises to be doubly special – firstly because the conference takes place in Olympic year in the UK – and also because it marks the tenth anniversary since Equitation Science was first recognised as a field of study. The International Society for Equitation Science is a not-for-profit forum consisting of equine scientists, veterinarians, ethologists, trainers and behaviour specialists from around the world who share the view that human-related causes of undesirable equine behaviour are largely attributed to the current lack of science in equitation. Last year ISES council were pleased to partner with the Bartels family in the Netherlands, to run the ISES international conference alongside the Global Dressage Forum. This allowed ISES to have scientists and practitioners learning together about how science can be applied to practical contexts to ensure the welfare of the performance horse.
The next International Equitation Science Symposium will be held in Edinburgh on the 18th –20th July 2012. The theme is ‘The Road Ahead’ and this will allow equitation scientists to showcase and discuss the latest scientific advances for measuring the impact of the rider/driver and equipment on the horse's performance and welfare. For more information about the conference visit: or follow us on Twitter @ISESUK2012.

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