Tuesday, 3 April 2012

'Animals in research - welfare, ethics and the law' Conference, June 2012

JMICAWE is extremely grateful to UFAW for supporting the upcoming conference on 'Animals in research - welfare, ethics and the law'.

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) has generously provided funding to help run this exciting event in June this year. This unique conference sees JMICAWE collaborating with the University of Northumbria's Faculty of Law to run the first conference to bring together three interrelated strands: ethics, law and science in relation to the use of animals in research. The aim of the conference which will run on the 14th and 15th June at Northumbria University in Newcastle is to focus on the impact of the new EU directive on animal use and welfare. During the course of the two day conference we will bring together lawyers, ethicists, biomedical scientists, social scientists and veterinarians to discuss the ethical, legal and scientific issues raised by the new EU Directive (2010/63/EU) on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.
The key objectives of the Conference are to:
1. Examine the ways in which the legislation is likely to impact mechanisms to support and further impel activities regarding the use of Alternatives in biomedical research and teaching;
2. Promote dialogue between lawyers, ethicists, biomedical scientists, social scientists and veterinarians regarding the ethical use of animals, and the extent to which welfare can be further improved;
3. Provide a platform for future collaborative and interdisciplinary research and teaching in this area.
To learn more about the conference and to register to attend go to: http://law.unn.ac.uk/animal_law

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