Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An easy and quick way to follow our activities on our blog - by receiving an email

We have been asked how you can access our JMICAWE blog without having to go into our website each day.

The answer is that there are 2 options:
a) Go to http://jmicaweactivities.blogspot.co.uk/ and click on 'join this site' through Google Friend Direct or 'Subscribe to Posts'.
b) The other option is to go through our website www.ed.ac.uk/vet/jmicawe and click on the left hand link 'follow our blog'. You can then click on the navy blue envelope link and enter your email address, so you will receive a prompt with a link to the most recent blog, through your email.

You only need to do one of the above steps once - and afterwards you can look forward to automatically receiving an email prompt informing you of the most recent blog, giving you updates of our activities.

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