Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Inaugural Animal Behaviour & Welfare Elective has started.

The JMICAWE is delighted to run the first Final Year Elective in Animal Behaviour and Welfare for our undergraduate BVM&S students, here at the R(D)SVS.

Developed in response to student demand, the elective covers clinical animal behaviour, welfare assessment and learning theory across a range of species. Regular field trips give students context and insight into animal use in different industries, and students are also required to study and develop practical welfare assessment frameworks for their allocated projects.

The elective is designed to give veterinary students a unique insight into the breadth and depth of animal welfare science and clinical animal behaviour, helping them to recognise and address animal welfare and behavioural problems in practice and industry.

Penguin Encloser at Edinburgh Zoo - one of the field trips arrranged for our students.

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