Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Veterinary Education Conference, China - April 2013

Veterinary Education conference
Nanjing Agricultural University 1st – 2nd April 2013

The two day conference was held at the HanYuan Hotel of the NJAU and attended by 20 Academic staff from 19 Universities around China. Mr Jia Zili from Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association and Chen Yuchi from LABOKLIN laboratory services also attended. Four University of Edinburgh staff were involved in delivering the lectures and practical sessions.

·         The meeting lasted for two full days and provided opportunities to discuss issues of animal use in research and teaching as well as promoting the innovative teaching techniques, problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques necessary to strengthen veterinary education in China.
·         The need for animal welfare across all clinical and preclinical teaching was continually emphasised.
·         Particularly successful were practical sessions introducing computer-based learning technologies, and non-animal models as alternatives to animals in teaching.

Delegates discussed and presented on ethical and welfare issues relating to clinical case management

Interactive discussions led to creative solutions

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