Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Animal Welfare Education Stand proves a great hit with students!

The JMICAWE team ran the Animal Welfare Education interactive stand at the Animal Welfare Showcase event held by SRUC on October the 4th.
Here, the team were able to demonstrate the range of tools that we use for increasing knowledge and understanding of animal welfare worldwide.
The demonstrations included the life-size Dystocia cow and calf, designed to help teach veterinary and animal science students how best to help in difficult cattle births prior to meeting the real thing in the field.
We also were able to show our range of manikins and models to aide teaching of clinical skills and animal handling in the veterinary surgery.
Alongside these physical models, we demonstrated computer based learning materials developed by the Animal Welfare Indicators (AWIN) project that have been built to disseminate animal welfare science to many different audiences, from veterinary students to farmers and other stakeholders.  
Throughout the day the stand was busy with visitors including students from all SRUC campuses, farmers, scientists and industry bodies.


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  1. Visiting the JMICAWE acitvity blog I came across these activity details and snaps. This looks great! Such platforms for veterinarians generate good information sharing and learning. Making the expereince wothwhile!

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