Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mission rabies - Powering On!

Powering on!


Over 8,000 dogs sterilised and vaccinated in just 11 weeks!

With the continued guidance and support from the Goan Government and the incredible local NGO's, the amazing MR teams have neutered and vaccinated over 4254 females. If 70% of those dogs would have had just one litter of 6 puppies in the forthcoming year, we have prevented 17,867 puppies on the streets of Goa in just three months of work.

By the end of September, the teams will have sterilised over 20,000 dogs. An incredible achievement, only possible because of the fantastic Goan community of animal lovers and the vision of the local Government in endorsing and supporting the project. As a united team, by vaccinating 70% of the dogs in Goa every year, for the next three years, we can rid the state of this fatal and incurable disease.
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