Monday, 14 July 2014


Today is the launch day of our MOOC and we are all very excited here at R(D)SVS.

It’s not too late to join us either. Our 5 week course already has over 25,000 people signed up from over 150 different countries, so you will be part of a wide and exciting learning community lead by our expert Animal Welfare team here at the University of Edinburgh and SRUC.  

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Animal welfare is often an emotive subject provoking heated debates and sometimes radical action. However it is also a challenging science based subject that involves consideration of animal emotions and how we can best understand the world from the perspective of a different species.

Through a free online course, animal behaviour and welfare experts from the Jeanne Marchig International Animal Welfare Centre at the University of Edinburgh, will provide knowledge and understanding about the application of animal behaviour and the science of animal welfare. This will ensure that viewers are better equipped to argue for or against a specific issue relating to animal care, management or use, using a rigorous, evidence based approach.


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