Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Dick Vet Animal Behaviour Society

The JMICAWE team  have been very interested to hear about  a new society  recently launched at the R(D)SVS and look forward to hearing more about their activities

The Dick Vet Animal Behaviour Society is a newly formed society at the Dick Vet. Animal behaviour is an important aspect of veterinary medicine, contributing to animal health, welfare, and the human-animal bond. Good application of animal behaviour can have significant impact on the lives of animals, however, it can often be an overlooked or neglected aspect of animal care.

The ultimate goal for DVABS is to increase awareness and knowledge of animal behaviour. The society is planning to host talks and practical sessions on various topics of animal behaviour, from companion animals to zoo animals and everything in between, as well as distributing information about modern behaviour knowledge and research. The society hopes to increase interest in animal behaviour and promote behaviour as an integral part of veterinary medicine.
  They are also preparing a website with useful links and resources on animal behaviour, and a regular newsletter.
For more information about the society, how to join, and upcoming announcements, please go to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/967177286631329/



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