Thursday, 4 December 2014

Promoting Best Practise Animal Care in Veterinary Clinics in India

The emerging role of Veterinary nursing for providing high quality management of the care and welfare of patients in animal clinics in India, was discussed by the Jeanne Marchig Centre animal welfare team working alongside colleagues from the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University, at the KVASU Pookode campus last week. Presentations covering subjects such as: effective pain management, assessing welfare in a clinical setting and the work of the veterinary nurse, were provided to staff and final year students from both of the KVASU campuses. The outcome of the meeting was a commitment from accompanying colleagues from Edinburgh Napier University to work closely with Edinburgh University’s JMICAWE animal welfare nurse, Hayley Walters, to develop a veterinary nursing exchange project involving Napier veterinary nurse degree students, to work with small animal veterinary teams in Kerala to demonstrate the way in which veterinary nursing improves the care and welfare of animals before, during and after surgery or treatment.

Hayley Walters – Welfare veterinary nurse said:

‘We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with our Edinburgh and Kerala colleagues to develop the field of veterinary nursing in India, and to demonstrate the important role well educated veterinary nurses can have in improving the animal’s experience within the veterinary clinic’.


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