Tuesday, 16 December 2014

“Vets for Animal Welfare” Workshop

Titus Alexander, who has worked internationally on veterinary education in animal welfare with World Animal Protection, recently visited the students at the Royal (Dick) Vet School with a workshop of Animal Advocacy for student vets.
The JMICAWE team had seen this workshop in action in Taiwan, back in August, and it was very exciting to see it happen again. The Edinburgh students said they found the workshop very useful. The workshop focussed on how vets can be advocates for animal welfare as the main point of contact for the public in dealing with most animal species. What is the veterinarian’s role in animal welfare, especially when they are presented with cases which can sometimes be challenging or distressing?
Our students found the workshop very interesting and useful with one student saying they learned: ‘That as a vet I have the opportunity to influence changes” and another saying 'I would highly recommend [the course]. It complements our veterinary curriculum quite well.’
It’s great to see the next generation of vets engaging with animal welfare advocacy early in their careers and we thank Titus for the opportunity.

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